The Mekong and Australia at the EPI program at Jules Verne College

On Wednesday 14 December, Rémi Camus came to present his adventures at the Jules Verne College in Bourges. Since the new college reform, Interdisciplinary Practical Instruction (IPE) is on the agenda.

They are a new way of implementing disciplinary programs: they are in fact thought of as a way for the professor to realize a part of his program differently.



Running across Australia on foot is him. The descent of the Mekong in “hydrospeed”, still him. Challenges for a good cause: medical research and awareness of the importance of safe drinking water.

Beard of a few days, jeans, tee-shirt, Rémi Camus looks like a young professor in the meeting room of the Jules-Verne college, in front of students of the third EPI (interdisciplinary practical teaching) establishment.



An appearance that disappears from the first exchanges. Rémi Camus is an adventurer, even if he does not describe himself in this way. His projects are crazy. But in order for the causes he defends to be heard, they must be.

Stéphane Guignard du ” Berry Républicain “