The “MOM’Race”: an obstacles race to raise funds

Why this Obstacle Race?

To support and raise awareness of the goal of its association:”Expedition Terre Inconnue”, its president and adventurer Rémi CAMUS carried out two expeditions solo and without assistance:

➤ Running across Australia, 5,500 Km from Melbourne to Darwin,

➤ Swimming the Mekong river with an hydrospeed, 4,400 km from the Tibetan border in China to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam;

It was quite natural to organize a new sporting adventure where, this time, you would be adventurers!

At Mars 2015, while participating at the first edition of the D-Day Race next to the beach we decide to develop ourselves a race in the name of  Expedition Terre Inconnue (E.T.I.).  An  Saint-Amand-Montrond town was soon the place to bring the concept alive.

The motivations for this event are those represented by the values of E.T.I : The surpassing yourself, sporting adventure and solidarity.

The money collected for this race will be donated to the association for its project “Plastic To Oil“.

This innovative and ambitious project will take place in Vietnam, at the Mekong Delta.

The project consists in collecting plastic from the surface of the Mekong river to transform it into fuel. A very recent technology that is already working in several countries.
The project is designed to promote the development of the local economy and the quality of the environment.


The Concept of the “MOM’Race”

The challenge is simple: solo or in team, thirteen kilometers of running. The track  is marked by obstacles to be crossed … in the mud!

This practice born in the late 80’s in England combining mental and physical challenge.

With the motto “Men of Mud”, the MOM’Race invites all participants to excel. The MOM’Race is at the same time a playful and extreme test where solidarity is a master value. Everyone can take up the challenge: from the simple sportsman in search of new challenges to the marathon runner tired of the asphalt, passing by the group of friends who does not hesitate at anything!

With about 800 participants gathered on 2nd of October 2016, the MOM’Race 2016 will become the first obstacle course race at the central region, the Cher!

The MOM’Race 2016 is:

  • An extreme test, out of the ordinary, testing both physical and mental abilities.
  • A challenge of approximately 13 kilometers with more than 25 obstacles inspired by the courses of the combatant. On the list: water, ice and especially mud.
  • A challenge to be solved alone or in teams of four: sharing and solidarity are part of the core values of the MOM’Race 2016.
  • An extreme challenge to find your limits … and surpass them.

The numbers of the “MOM’Race”

The course consists of +25 obstacles over +12 km. It is studied precisely so that the Mummies produce various efforts and get new experiences.

All the abilities of the Mummies are put to the test. In addition to endurance, obstacles are designed to test your:

  • Strength
  • Mental
  • Team spirit
  • Fun

The “MOM’Race” in a few figures:

# 800 Mummies expected in 2016.

# About 150 volunteers.


# +12 kms of race.

# 25 minimum obstacles.

# Thousands of ice cubes.

# About 1,200 tires.

# More than 5 tons of wood.

# 2.5 kms of swimming during the “mom’Race”.

The Mummies

# 70% of men

# 30% women

The Profile of Participants in Obstacle Course

# 75% of enrollees are between 25 and 35 years of age

# 90% come in teams of 4

# 91% attended specific training

Why Support the “mom’Race”

The “MOM’Race” edition 2016 is the first obstacle course in the Cher.

This event will have repercussions for marketing, environmental and tourism.

Issues affecting:

The field of health. The practice of a sport is beneficial to everyone’s health.
Social issues: Sport is a vector of socialization between people. Thus, communication, relationship, integration, but also prevention and reintegration of the inhabitants are promoted.
Economic and financial stakes: This issue, which is the most important to us, needs to be explained. During the event, 600 participants will have the privilege of participating in the race. Will add to this number, friends and / or family come to encourage the athlete (s).
As a result, high visibility for all our partners.
Tourist stakes: The trail will discover the lake of Virlay and also the fortresses of Montrond. An original way as a guided tour.
Environmental issues: The benefits of this race will go to the association Expedition Terre Inconnue (E.T.I.), which campaigns for access to drinking water for all.